Answer distribution
Year 2020Year 2019Year 2018Year 2017

Choices for answers

  1. We are just starting out: The school’s operations are mainly geared towards covering the curricular contents, as before. People do not question or genuinely reflect on the school’s ‘house rules’. (value when calculating levels: -2.0)
  2. It is ongoing: The principal/head and teachers reflect on learners’ needs and school development ideas amongst themselves. At this level, however, school development remains an effort carried out by the principal/head and teachers. Students, their parents and the surrounding community have not been engaged as development partners. (value when calculating levels: -0.7)
  3. We have made progress:The principal/head and teachers regularly reflect on, assess, adapt and improve their learning, teaching and leadership practices. People have the confidence to safely question established practices. All teachers participate in school development. Students, their parents and the community are involved in school development to some extent. (value when calculating levels: 0.7)
  4. We are on target: A strong and genuine culture of learning has become an everyday, natural part of the school’s operations. Students and teachers learn together. Teachers and leaders develop and learn together. Parents and the surrounding community are influential stakeholders actively involved in school development. Teachers and students are encouraged to innovate and experiment with new things. (value when calculating levels: 2.0)